Looping Patterns (Live)

by Laura Stavinoha

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Looping Patterns is born out of the desire for an experiment, to make music with just my voice and loop station. Playing by my own rules, I wasn’t allowed to use anything else apart from some bass guitar and vocal effects. The great thing about working with these restrictions is that the less options you have, the more creative you need to be.

On this EP I’m presenting four original compositions and one cover song, originally performed by Lucy Pearl. All music was recorded live in front of video cameras, and every song has an accompanied video online where you can watch me controlling the loop station and the effects. So you’re listening to solo live performances: no editing, no overdubs and no mixing.


released June 18, 2015

Vocals and bass guitar by Laura Stavinoha

All tracks composed by Laura Stavinoha
Except track 3 composed by Raphael Saadiq, Dawn Robinson & Ali Shaheed Jones-Muhammad

Recorded at Studio CD23
Mastered by Marc Broer
Photography by Amerens Hedwich
Design by DTP74



all rights reserved


Laura Stavinoha Amsterdam, Netherlands

vocalist. composer. live looper. vocal coach. digital crate digger & producer.

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Track Name: Dignity (Live)
Why is it not easy to become or be
A valued member of your own society
If I ain’t my job and my job ain’t me,
How do I define myself with dignity?

When you’re a kid barely old enough to talk
They always ask you, what you wanna be when you grow up
And I said doctor, journalist or astronaut
Or something else I knew would make my daddy proud
Well I’m a grown-up girl now, and none of the above
And that doesn’t matter but you know what strikes me most
Is that whatever I became of, believe in or pursue
Most people only care about the job I do

Why is it not easy to become or be
A valued member of your own society
If I ain’t my job and my job ain’t me,
How do I define myself with dignity?

Try so hard, to fit in
But they won’t let you in the game

Well, I never thought this is the way that it would be
I don’t have a job now and you may wanna ask me then
What’s my contribution to the prosperity
Of the social institution of this country’s delusion
And isn’t is my own responsibility
To make the best out my life by working hard and to succeed
But I hope I don’t loose all my credibility
If I told you what I contribute
Is my creativity
Track Name: Don't Mess With My Man (Live)
Don't mess with my man
Don't mess with my boy
Don't mess with my man
Don't mess with my man
Don't mess with my boy
Keep your hands off my man

He told your ass not once but twice
You should have took his advice
And left the man alone
You still drive by here every night
'Cause you're not wrapped too tight
When he left your mind was blown

You had your chance
And you lost a good man
I know it's sad
Thinkin' 'bout what you had

If you were smart
You'd keep that ass off my block
Next time you see me
I won't be a lady, no, no

You bitched at him all night, all day
And constantly complained
Till you drove the man away
Always sayin' somethin', said he wasn't good for Nothin'
So tell me why the hell you stalkin'
You're dismissed, now get to walkin'
Track Name: Give It A Try (And Change Your Mind) [Live]
I think I’m entitled to
Freedom of speech
But if I’m so bright then
Why don’t I think for myself first
Before I parrot my newspaper

Why do I admire
Those people who stand firm and never change their believes
Cause if you’ve never changed your mind then
It’s like you’ve never used your brains at all
Think for yourself and change your mind

I don’t want to have to think for myself
Give it a try and change your mind

I think we are blessed
To have democracy where you can say what you want
But really, what I’m scared of is
It’s turning into mediacracy
Where change of mind means loss of face
We’re so afraid of loosing face
Track Name: Dancing Freak (Live)
Infatuated with the beat, look at all the dancing freaks
For a dancing freak, is gonna dance all night long

When the kids want fun they go into the club
Dancing to the beat till the sun comes up
When the sun comes up they will not gonna sleep
Party carries on for a dancing freak

For a dancing freak, is gonna dance
All night long, until the dawn
For them, Sunday does not exist
And Saturday goes straight into a Monday twist